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Why Does The Output Of Crude Steel Under The Production Capacity Reduction + Environmental Protection Restriction Continue To Innovate?
Jul 20, 2018

Why does the output of crude steel under the "production capacity reduction + environmental protection restriction" continue to innovate?

According to data from the national bureau of statistics recently released in June, China's crude steel production 80.2 million tons, up 7.5% from a year earlier, the average daily steel-producing amount up to 2.673 million tons, in April and may even a record high, on the basis of another record high.

China's crude steel output is still rising against the backdrop of the steel industry's de-production capacity and the "strictest" environmental restrictions in history, causing concern among industry insiders. Some people in the industry believe that there is a market demand growth factor, but not too optimistic. If this speed continues to expand production, it will not rule out the second half of the whole industry oversupply.

According to the two companies that first reported their results in July, anyang iron & steel expects first-half net profit to rise 3142% to 3682%, and valin steel to increase 253% to 274%.

It is known that the increase of crude steel output is also related to the change of statistical caliber.

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