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What is the purpose of steel pipe-1
Jul 10, 2018

What is the purpose of steel pipe?

Classification according to the use - pipe with steel tube, thermal technology equipment with steel pipe, machinery industrial steel, petroleum, geological drilling in steel, container steel pipes, and chemical industry with a steel pipe, steel pipe, and other special purposes chemical composition inspection.

For example: 1. Welded steel pipe for low-pressure fluid transportation (GB/ t3092-1993) is also called general welded pipe, commonly known as black pipe. It is used for conveying water, gas, air, oil, heating steam and other general low pressure fluid and other purposes of welding steel pipe. The wall thickness of steel tube is divided into ordinary steel tube and thickened steel tube. The nozzles can be divided into non-spiral steel pipe (light pipe) and spiral steel pipe. The specification of steel pipe is expressed by nominal diameter (mm). Nominal diameter is the approximate value of inner diameter. Used to be in inches, such as 11/2, etc. The welded steel pipe used for low pressure fluid transportation is not only used for conveying fluid directly, but also used as the original pipe of galvanized welded steel pipe for low pressure fluid transportation.

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