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What is ERW steel pipe
Feb 26, 2018

1.Welded pipe by circular tube plates welded together, divided into high frequency resistance welded pipe (ERW welded pipe, straight seam welding pipe, spiral welded pipe (LSAW).Electrical engineering are marked "SC", can be used as water gas pipe can also be threading pipe, thick.

2,.Line pipe, wire and tube, thin, with a "T", said can only do threading works.ERW steel pipeERW steel pipe3, ERW pipe is "high-frequency resistance welding steel tube", unlike ordinary welded pipe welding process, welding seam is composed of steel belt ontology of parent metal melting and mechanical strength than the general welding control.

ERW is resistance welding, resistance welding with high production efficiency, low cost, save material, easy automation, etc, therefore widely used in aviation, aerospace, energy, electronics, automobile, light industry and so on various industry sectors, is one of the important welding process.

ERW steel pipe .png

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