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Types of pipeline antiseptic materials-B
Jul 05, 2018

Types of pipeline antiseptic materials-B

Petroleum pitch, a wide range of raw materials, low price. But the working conditions are poor, the quality is not guaranteed, and the environment is seriously polluted.

Epoxy coal asphalt, easy to operate, but cover long curing time, affected by the environment, is not suitable for field operation, under 10 ℃ to construction.

Cold wrapping tape is antiseptic and easy to operate, but it has poor adhesion and relay, low waterproof performance, low strength, and is greatly affected by the environment.

Epoxy powder anticorrosive, adopts electrostatic spraying method, with the same material corrosion of the pipe body welding is good, stick relay is strong, but the water proofing property epoxy powder is poorer, bibulous rate is higher, at 0.83%, bring certain difficulty to the cathodic protection design. High requirements of field equipment, difficult operation, quality control.

3PE heat-shrinkable material, pipeline anti-corrosion and sealing, high mechanical strength, strong waterproof, stable quality, convenient construction, good applicability, no pollution to the environment. PE bibulous rate is low (less than 0.01%), at the same time with epoxy high strength, good water imbibition low and hot melt adhesive soft PE and so on, have a high anticorrosion reliability, the disadvantage is that: compared with other repairing material cost, the high cost.

The characteristics of cold wrapping belt and 3PE heat-shrinkable belt are: it is suitable for the main anti-corrosion layer pipe of various materials, while other methods are suitable for the main anti-corrosion layer pipe of the same or similar materials.

Second along with the development of some pipe in corrosion protection at the same time also need insulation, oil is a very complex mixture of easy corrosion of pipelines, corrosion protection is necessary, but the product oil pipeline under the condition of the anti-corrosion insulation, also need to do in the northeast and in winter, heat bilges cold shrink will frost crack pipes, affect the stable supply.

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