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The types of pipe fittings according to the purpose
Feb 26, 2018

The types of pipe fittings according to the purpose

  1. Used for tube connected to each other fittings are: flange, articulated, pipe hoop, clip, card sets and throat hoop, etcCold drawn welded teeCold drawn welded tee

    elbow .png

  2. Change the direction of the pipe fittings, elbow, bend.

  3. Change the pipe diameter of the tube: variable diameter (reducer), reducing elbow, branch pipe, reinforcing pipe

    flange .png

  4. Add piping branch pipe fittings: tee, cross.

  5. Used for pipe line seal: gasket, ribbons, cotton and ramie thread woven, blind flange plate, tube plugging, blind flange, welding head, plug

  6. Used for pipe fixed tube: snap ring, towing hook, rings, bracket, bracket, pipe clamp, etc


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