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The main processing methods of straight joint steel pipe
Dec 05, 2018

The main processing methods of straight joint steel pipe are as follows:

Forging steel: a pressure processing method in which the blank is changed into the shape and size we need by means of the reciprocating impact force of the forging hammer or the pressure of the press.

Extrusion: it is a processing method for steel to put metal in a closed extrusion sheet and apply pressure at one end so that metal can be extruded from the specified die hole to get finished products of the same shape and size. It is widely used in the production of non-ferrous metal products.

Rolling: the process of pressing the steel billet through the gap (various shapes) of a pair of rotating rollers to reduce the material section and increase the length due to the compression of the rollers.

Drawing steel: is the rolling of the metal billet (type, pipe, products, etc.) through the die hole drawing into section to reduce the length of the increase of the processing method is mostly used

Cold working.

anti-corrosion pipeline

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