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The high pressure forging pipe fitting
Dec 12, 2018

The high pressure forging pipe fitting is relative to the casting pipe fitting, Use the forging machinery to exert the pressure on the metal blank, causes the plastic deformation to obtain has the certain mechanical performance, the certain shape and the size forgings processing method.

Forging fittings main technological means for forging, forging the means of forging, make through forging original bulky dendrite and columnar grain to grain is fine and uniform axial recrystallization organization, make the ingot in the original segregation, porosity, porosity, slag compaction and welded, such as its organization become more closely, plasticity and mechanical properties of the metal. The production of casting pipe fittings is mainly made by mold and model, through adding metal liquid into it, after cooling and solidification, cleaning treatment, casting with predetermined shape, size and performance is processed. High-pressure forging pipe fittings mainly include high-pressure forging flange and high-pressure forging tee and other products.

The high pressure forging pipe fitting

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