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Straight seam steel pipe is required-a
Dec 04, 2018

Welded steel tubes shall be subjected to mechanical properties test, flattening test and flaring test, and shall meet the requirements specified in the standard. The steel pipe shall be able to withstand a certain internal pressure, 2.5Mpa pressure test shall be carried out when necessary, and no leakage shall be maintained for one minute. Eddy current testing is allowed instead of hydraulic testing. Eddy current inspection shall be carried out in accordance with GB7735 eddy current inspection method for steel pipe. Eddy current flaw detection method is to fix the probe on the rack, maintain a distance of 3~5mm between the flaw detection and the weld seam, rely on the rapid movement of the steel pipe to comprehensively scan the weld seam, and the flaw detection signal is automatically processed and sorted by the eddy current flaw detector to achieve the purpose of flaw detection.

After flaw detection, the flying saw of the welded pipe is cut off in accordance with the specified length, and the wire is drawn down through the tilting frame. Both ends of the pipe shall be chamfered with flat head, marked by printing, and the finished pipe shall be bundled and packed in hexagonal shape before leaving the factory.

8 inch pipe

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