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Steel pipe pile
Dec 05, 2018

Steel pipe pile, the steel tube, tongue-and-groove tongue-and-groove mortise and tenon pin, tube diameter on the left side wall of the vertical tongue-and-groove connection slot, tongue-and-groove slot cross section for the open side of the square shape, in strengthening ribs on the side of the tongue-and-groove slot, steel pipe diameter on the right side of the wall and the partial radius position of the vertical connection have tongue-and-groove pin, tongue-and-groove pin groove profile for i-section. The utility model overlaps steel pipe piles with each other in an arc or circular shape when the cofferdam is used. It can surround water, soil and sand. The utility model has the advantages of novel design, simple structure, convenient use, easy overlap and good sealing. Including cross-sectional profile non-circular, iso-wall thickness, variable wall thickness, along the length of the direction of variable diameter and wall thickness, section symmetry and asymmetry. Such as square, rectangular, conical, trapezoid, spiral pipe, etc.

Package of 16 inch A106 sch40 gr.b seamless pipe

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