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Stainless steel pipe applications
Nov 28, 2018

Stainless steel pipe is the best material for water industry such as water preparation, storage, transportation, purification, regeneration and desalination. Construction: China will accelerate urbanization, develop the west and state-led residential construction projects, which will drive the growth of demand for stainless steel pipes. Our country started using thin wall stainless steel pipe is in 2000, the industry standard in 2001, and it did not promote the early large-scale use, but in recent years along with the people environmental protection consciousness enhancement, thin-walled stainless steel pipes for its safety, health, environmental protection, economical advantages such as more and more get the attention of people, currently in Beijing, jiangsu, guangdong and other places there has been a professional manufacturer, and is applied to the potable water system, hot water system, heating system.

Quality photo of A312 tp316L stainless steel pipes

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