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Classification of steel pipes
Dec 26, 2018

According to the use of steel pipe points

1. Pipe for pipe. Such as: water, gas, steam pipe seamless pipe, oil transport pipe, oil and natural gas trunk pipe. Agricultural irrigation water tap with pipe and sprinkler irrigation pipe.

2. Pipe for thermal equipment. Such as general boiler with boiling water pipe, superheated steam pipe, locomotive boiler with superheat pipe, smoke pipe, smoke pipe, arch brick pipe and high temperature and high pressure boiler pipe.

3. Pipe for machinery industry. Such as aviation structure pipe (circular pipe, elliptical pipe, flat elliptical pipe), automotive axle pipe, axle pipe, automotive tractor structure pipe, tractor oil cooler pipe, agricultural machinery with square and rectangular pipe, transformer pipe and bearing pipe.

4. Oil geological drilling pipe. Such as: oil drilling pipe, oil drilling pipe (kelly and hexagonal drill pipe), drilling, oil pipe, oil casing and various pipe joints, geological drilling pipe (core pipe, casing, active drill pipe, drilling, hoop and pin joint, etc.).

5. Tubes for chemical industry. Such as: petroleum cracking pipe, chemical equipment heat exchanger and pipeline pipe, stainless acid pipe, chemical fertilizer high pressure pipe and conveying chemical medium pipe.

6. Manage other departments. Such as: container tube (high pressure gas cylinder tube and general container tube), instrument tube, hand case tube, injection needle and medical equipment tube.

ms steel pipe

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