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Classification of oil pipelines (A)
Jun 11, 2018

According to the distance between points

1. Oil pipeline within the enterprise

Internal pipeline internal connection is mainly refers to oil field oil well and metering station, station of the pipeline, oil refineries and pipelines within the depot, generally shorter, its length is not independent of the operating system.

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2. Long-distance oil pipeline

A pipeline that carries crude or refined oil over long distances. The transportation distance can reach hundreds or thousands of kilometers, and the annual transportation volume of a single pipe is between millions of tons and tens of millions of tons. Its starting point and ending point are respectively connected with oil fields, oil refineries and other petroleum enterprises. It consists of two parts: oil transfer station (including first station, last station, middle pump station and heating station, etc.) and pipeline line. Which includes main pipe section, and through the rivers, valleys, sea and other natural obstacle crossing project, in order to prevent the pipeline corrosion and cathodic protection system, built for patrol, maintenance easy road and along the line block valve chamber. Most oil companies also have an independent communications system that connects all lines, including communication lines and relay stations.

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