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Characteristics of butt welding elbow in construction
Dec 27, 2018

Feature 1: butt welding elbow is mainly used to connect two sections of pipe with different radius of end face, or for pipe diameter modification. This type of elbow generally needs to be produced according to specific engineering requirements or specific drawings, in addition to meeting the requirements of pipe diameter, but also must consider the specific situation of the pipe, such as pipe conveying pressure, fluid viscosity, wear, corrosion, fluid conveying temperature and other factors. It has certain pertinence and usability, which is another important construction characteristic of welding elbow.

Features 2: butt welding elbow has welding seam, butt welding elbow in the welding construction operation is completed according to the actual situation or the pipe environment needs to carry out anti-rust or anti-corrosion treatment, in order to avoid the elbow in the weld corrosion or corrosion. This process may require us to clarify the quality of butt welding elbow before use.

Feature 3: usually the elbow is welded in the pipeline construction site, this is because of the different welding standards of various pipelines, need to carry out on-site welding according to the level of pipeline welding. It is another characteristic of butt welding elbow that different welding grade of pipe seam should be used for spot welding.

Characteristics of butt welding elbow in construction

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