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Butt-Welded 90 Degree Elbow
Oct 30, 2017
There are many kinds of pipe fittings, which are classified according to use, connection, material and processing method. by use 1. Pipe fittings For connecting pipes are: Flange, live connection, pipe hoop, clamp, card sleeve, throat hoop and so on. 2. Changing pipe direction of pipe fittings: elbow, Bend Tube 3. Change pipe diameter pipe fittings: diameter (reducer), Reducer elbow, Branch pipe, reinforcing pipe 4. Add Pipe fittings: tee, Four-pass 5. Pipe fittings FOR sealing: gasket, raw material belt, line linen, flange blind plate, pipe plugging, blind plate, head. Welding plug 6. Pipe Fittings for fixed pipe: clasp, hook, ring, bracket, bracket, tube card, etc.

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